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(The spelling in these comments is original.)


Dear Bernard,
Thank you for letting me attend one of your student recitals. All your students played so well. You obviously give a lot of attention to detail work, especially in the left hand. I was very surprised (and pleased) to see children so young, shifting accurately and with such ease. [I had been told by a friend who had recommended that I attend one of your recitals that you were an outstanding violinist and that you had taken from master teachers. After experiencing your recital, your background was very apparent.]

I want to commend you for your energy and love of teaching–so vital for excellence in teaching. It was so present and contagious! How wonderfully your students responded to you! They truly love you and try their very best. What truer indication of your excellent teaching!
–Sincerely, D.L. (professional teacher and musician)


I like Mr. Chevalier because he dose’nt let you get away with any thing. (Exept for bad hand writing). I like his method of teaching because on long pieces you don't have to do the repets. I have been with Mr. Chevalier for almost three years now. I am learning a lot now.
–A.S. (8 yr. old boy)


I've been under the instruction of Mr. Chevalier for 5 years, and of the three teachers I've had, he's been the best. He doesn’t make you do a song until you get it perfect, but he doesn't let you slack it off, either. I've really improved under his instruction. I know this because my dad, the conductor of my orchestra, and my relatives usually comment that I progress.
–S.S. (12 yr. old boy)


I have two boys ages 12 and 8 studying violin with Bernard Chevalier. I believe that Bernard is that rare individual who is not only an excellent player but also an outstanding teacher. It takes an incredible amount of patience and understanding to teach ANYTHING to children, but to teach the violin presents a special set of challenges. Bernard is able to succinctly communicate a technique or concept to my boys in terms that they can readily understand. He is able to demonstrate that idea on his fiddle, or theirs (as I say he is an excellent musician). If the concept isn't grasped immediately, he is able to approach the same information from a slightly different angle until understanding dawns. Learning the violin is serious business but through his unfailing good humor and love of music, Bernard is able to communicate the fun of playing to my boys. As a private instructor, I recommend him without reservation.
–T.S. (professional musician)


Bernard has been my violin teacher for two years. I highly recommend him to you! He is a very good teacher, loves music and is very good-natured!
–G.G (8 yr. old boy)


My son, who is now eight years old, has been studying violin with Bernard for over two years. Bernard is a wonderfully effective teacher due to his incredible patience, his sense of humor (absolutely essential), his skill with the instrument, and his many years of experience with both performing and teaching. Bernard knows how to set the pace of instruction so that my son is challenged but not frustrated; he is able to maintain a balance between firmness and kindness such that my son stays interested and stimulated. All this, and Bernard never seems to have a bad day!
–A.G. (parent)


I have been playing the violin for about 6 years. Four of those have been with Mr. Chevalier. He is a great violin teacher and a funny guy. He is very easy-going, but I always come out having learned something. His lessons are very entertaining, but seem much too short. Because of all this, I always look forward to my time with him on Wednesday. Some of my personal favorite violin pieces are Donkey Doodle‚ by William Kroll and Elves Dance‚ by E. Jenkinson.
–B.H. (11 yr. old boy)

Bernard Chevalier has been a wonderful teacher for B. since he entered 2nd grade. My son began with plucking Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, and after 4 years has progressed to Vivaldi's Concerto in A Minor, double stopping, and shifting up to the 5th position! B. is currently studying from 4 or 5 books including duets, scales, Wohlfahrt Etudes, and Suzuki. He looks forward to his lessons because of Mr. Chevalier’s enthusiasm, encouragement and sense of humor. And it is one of the high points of my week to hear them play a duet together! Thanks in great part to Mr. Chevalier's excellent teaching in technique and dynamics, B. was accepted into the Santa Rosa Symphony's Youth Discovery Orchestra this year.
–E.H. (parent)

I like the sound of the violin because it makes me feel happy when I play. I like to play duos with Bernard. He's patient and says things to me that make me feel like I am a good violin player.
–R.F. (11 yr. old girl)


Bernard has been my teacher for two and a half years. He is a fantastic teacher! He is always on time, in good humor, ready to teach. He listens carefully to each note, and is a wonderful musician. He makes violin training a nice and fun thing. I really trust him and his teaching methods. I enjoy my lessons ever so much! He is the best violin teacher in the Bay Area!
–G.A. (13 yr. old girl)


I think violin gives me something to really enjoy. Bernard is a good teacher with a good choice of music books and plenty of humor. When I first started violin, it was a little tough; but now all the basic things are easy and more enjoyable.
–R.B. (11 yr. old boy)


Mr. Chevalier is keenly aware of the strengths and weakness of each student in their musical abilities. He diligently focuses on encouraging their strengths and compensating for their weakness. He is respectful toward the students and is very professional.
–S.B. (parent and student for several years)


I am an adult student, learning to play an instrument (violin) for the first time in my life. Bernard is an inspiration. He is patient, supportive, and he makes learning fun.
–L.H. (student for 2 years)


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